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deluxe beard trim
deluxe beard trim
deluxe beard trim
deluxe beard trim
August 2018


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Where Can I Get a Deluxe Beard Trim in Salt Lake?

It is hard to find professional barbers who are licensed and qualified to perform a deluxe beard trim on their clients.  It is for sure that the women’s salons, the quick-clip shops and chain stores do not have (1) The professional licensing, (2) The training, skill and experience necessary, or even (3) the professional tools to properly perform this manly art!

The good news is that 100% of the professional barbers at Trolley Square Barbers are fully licensed, trained, skilled and experienced at performing a deluxe beard trim.

Five years ago I would perform 5 to 6 hot-towel straight razor face shaves each week and perhaps only one deluxe beard trim.  Now in 2017 it is not uncommon to perform at least two deluxe beard trims each day and perhaps only 1 or 2 face shaves each week.  Beards in Salt Lake City have never been more popular than they are right now.

beard trimAbout half of our barbers have some type of beard.  This makes them even more aware of the details involved in doing a deluxe beard trim as well as maintaining that beard afterwards.  We maintain a good supply of various beard balms and beard oils and other treatments that will maximize both the appearance and wearability of your beard.

Each barber will have minor differences in exactly how they perform a deluxe beard trim, but the end result will be the same clean and crisp looking beard.  I always start out with a barber-client consultation where we go over exactly what the client wants to accomplish today. I always suggest some ideas that I think would look good, but I end up doing what we decide together would look the best.

beard trimI usually start out by combing through the beard to get out the tangles.  Then I usually spritz just a little water through the beard so that I can manage it better.  My first choice is to start by cleaning up the lines on both cheeks to get those lines as pronounced as possible. At the same time I am trimming stragglers and reducing volume just a little bit the same as one might do while trimming a bush in your yard.  On a deluxe beard trim I do not like to reduce the volume too much as I do not want to lose beard density.

deluxe beard trimThe next thing I focus on is the lines below the jaw line from the ear to the chin.  I want those lines to compliment the lines on the cheeks and they are really important in getting that clean, crisp look that most men like.  The third thing that is a must is to get the bottom neck line cleaned up.  I like to work from the crease in a man’s neck on down and make sure that I get it cleaned and lined up.

If these three areas are cleaned up using a trimmer and scissors, it leaves a generally groomed look which is not quite finished.  The finishing touch is a hot steaming towel, some hot lather and a straight razor to really clean the lines up.  There is no substitute on a deluxe beard trim for the hot towel, hot lather and straight razor to get those lines precise and clean.  My clients are always impressed when I show it to them when we are done.  It is rare to not get a smile of great pleasure when they examine the final work.

A deluxe beard trim is really something that a man really cannot do at home.  Often times a man will get a professional beard trim with every other haircut to keep it looking neat and clean.  It totally depends upon the man and how frequently he prefers to have it groomed by a professional.  There is nothing more satisfying for a barber than to do an exceptionally good job on a deluxe beard trim and having the client beaming with pride at how great he looks.

Trolley Square Barbers is a Gentlemen’s Establishment providing “Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men”