June 2017


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Trolley Square Shoe Shines

Trolley Square shoe shines is located inside of Trolley Square Barbers.  It is the finest gentlemen’s shoe shine establishment in Salt Lake City.  In traditional barbershops in the golden era of barbering, most gentlemen’s barber shops had a professional shoe shine stand to offer complete grooming services for it’s clients.

There is an old adage that says, “You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes.”   This is still true today as a large number of men simply procrastinate the shinning of their shoes and they go around looking the opposite of well groomed.  I don’t blame them…..I hate to shine my own shoes.  But Trolley Square shoe shines is the solution for all of us!

Trolley Square shoe shinesAdrian Zamora is the shoe shine specialist who is in charge of the operation.  He is a perfectionist in all he does and it shows in the final result.  He knows so many little secrets on how to make any pair of shoes look their very best.  He can even change colors on a pair of shoes if the client wants that.  I have seen him do it many times and it is amazing.  He is a real master!

Trolley Square shoe shines has every possible color and type of polish, cream or paste known to man. Adrian can take an old beat-up pair of shoes that you might be considering throwing away, and make them look like they are brand new.  And his shines and treatments last a long time.  Your shoes have never been so pampered!

There are three main ways to experience Trolley Square shoe shines and Adrian:

First, you can just walk in and hope that he is there.  

Second, you can bring shoes in and drop them off to be picked up at a later date.  Many gentlemen bring three or four pair of shoes and drop them off.  Then they can pick them up later at their convenience.

Third, you can make an appointment on Schedulicity (below) to have him shine your shoes at a specific time. Often times a man will schedule an appointment for a haircut, and then schedule Adrian for a shoe shine right after the haircut.  This option is very popular with our clients.  

If you have never experienced a shoe shine before, it is something that you want to do as soon as possible. The cost is so low that you could do it every time you come to the shop for a barbering service.  Many men prefer to have him shine the shoes while they are wearing them as it feels like a foot massage.

When he is finished with the shoes, he will massage your legs from the knees down to your feet.  Many have told us that this massage is worth the price of the shoe shine alone.  It is a real treat that you deserve to experience.

We have had a few men tell us that they don’t feel they deserve to be pampered by the gentlemen’s services at Trolley Square Barbers and Trolley Square shoe shines.  This simply is not true anymore.  The cost of quick-clip joints and other minimal service shops is often the same as the outstanding grooming services provided at Trolley Square.

All of our barbers strive to be the very best they can be and offer full services to our clients.  Trolley Square shoe shines is just another example of how we strive to offer you the best barber shop experience you can find.  Drop in and let us show you what your father and grandfather experienced in the old-style, traditional barber shops of their time!