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August 2018


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Straight Razor Shave v. Classic Face Shave

Many of our clients used to think that a straight razor shave was somehow very different from a classic face shave.  I guess I can understand that thinking in that a straight razor shave suggests a shave that is done professionally in a barber shop.  Men usually do not use a straight razor on themselves because the angles are too difficult. straight razor shave

A classic face shave could be confused with just a regular shave that a man does at home.  So that is how I think the confusion is possible when discussing the differences between a straight razor shave and a classic face shave. The truth is that they are just two ways to describe a professional barber shop face shave.

The “classical” face shave is one that is done using traditional, classical barbering techniques. In straight razor shave techniques, there are actually 14 different passes which the professional barber must make to completely cover a mans face.

The chart illustrates the stroke and direction of each of these steps. The face and jaw are quite different from the neck and these 14 strokes take the complete face and neck into account. While it is possible that after years of experience a barber may alter a few of these steps, this is the theoretical teaching method for the straight razor shave.

The preparation before the shave, the number of hot steaming towels and the post shave follow-up might vary with barbers, but the concept is the same.  Thorough preparation before the shave of the skin and beard as well as post straight razor shave follow through make for a superior experience.

One of the recent developments for a straight razor shave is the fact that many women are now coming into the barber shop to receive this service. It might not be for the reason one might think…..the removal of facial hair. But it is rather used for the ‘exfoliation’ or ‘dermaplaning’ of the skin.

Women are using the straight razor shave…with all it’s steaming hot towels, facial creams and moisturizers, surgically sharp blades, etc…..to make their facial skin look younger and more vibrant.  Apparently this method was used by movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe to keep her youthful appearance.  Elizabeth Taylor reportedly used this procedure also.

One worry some women have is that a straight razor shave might make their facial hair grow back in thicker, coarser and darker.  That is an old myth which simply is not true. There is no end to research to back this up.

The straight razor shave is still the domain of men because it is such a pampering service that they enjoy. It is not just the cutting of facial hair, it is the whole experience of 45 minutes where a man can experience one of the most delightful services available at a traditional barber shop.

Gentlemen tell us that they can’t wait until they can schedule another shave right after they experienced it for the first time.  Book yours today and see what modern men have enjoyed for centuries.