801-738-1578 - Trolley Square Barbers - 602 East 500 South #D-132 - Salt Lake City, UT 84102
August 2018


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old school barber shopold school barber shopold school barber shop

A Man’s Old School Barber Shop in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City’s newest old school barber shop is located at historic Trolley Square.  Extremely convenient to downtown Salt Lake City, The University of Utah and to nearby Sugar House, Trolley Square Barbers is a traditional men’s barber shop where all barbers are trained in classical barber skills.  It is an old school shop the way real barber shops used to be.

The all-man atmosphere is very pleasing to the gentlemen who is tired of women’s salons with all the nasty smells of perms, hair coloring, nail polish etc. along with all the latest female gossip!  One gent said, “I don’t  want to go anywhere my mom would go to get her hair cut.”  We think that sums up our philosophy nicely!

It isn’t just the cutting of hair that makes Trolley Square Barbers so inviting.  Many of you might remember the old school barbershops that your dad or grandfather took you to when you were a kid.  Most of those great older shops have vanished by now.  Many closed their doors in the 80’s and 90’s when women’s salons and quick-clip shops began to gain momentum.

old school barber shop

Well the good news is that the real, old school barber shop is making a strong comeback today.  It is happening by popular demand!

Men have tired of the franchise cutters and women’s salons with their conveyor belt approach to barbering.  Many places today want to get you in and get you out as quickly as possible.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that they want to squeeze as many haircuts into the shortest time possible.  The personal approach was long ago lost with these establishments.

At Trolley Square Barbers we think you deserve much better!  We believe that you deserve an old school, traditional barber shop like your father and grandfather enjoyed.

We do our very best to insure you have a masculine gentlemen’s environment to enjoy each time you come to see us.  A place where you escape from the busy world outside and refresh and renew yourself with some serious pampering.

Add to that the high-end shopping environment of Trolley Square where wives and girlfriends can browse while you are being attended to—and you have it all!   Check out more features on our website Trolley Square Barbers and stop in and give us a chance to show you what an old school barber shop is all about.