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August 2018


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Is There A Barber Shop Open Late At Night?

Is there a barber shop open late at night in Salt Lake City?  Is there a barber shop which is open every night until at least 9:00pm?  Up until recently the answer has been no.  However, since the beginning of the year Trolley Square Barbers has met that need for gentlemen in Salt Lake City.

barber shop open lateTrolley Square Barbers is  situated in a central location between (1) Downtown, (2) Sugarhouse and (3) The University of Utah. Trolley Square now has a gentlemen’s barber shop open late every night of the week.

All parking is FREE, whether on the streets or in several convenient parking garages.  This makes it ideal for those who don’t want to waste money on parking.

Trolley Square Barbers is open from 9:00am until at least 9:00pm Monday through Saturday—and from 12:00pm –  5:00pm on Sundays.  We open earlier by appointment so we are available at least 12 hours each day of the week except Sunday.

Our goal is to make it convenient and easy for our clients to experience our professional services. We believe in “ExceptionalGrooming for Exceptional Men.”  All of our barbers have been trained in the classical skills which have been lost in recent decades of women’s salons and quick-clip joints.

Our barbers are skilled and experienced at performing haircuts, straight razor shaves, deluxe beard trims, scalp treatments and many other services which are hard to find these days.

Besides being a barber shop open late at night, we have the most incredible Online Scheduling System which allows you to make appointments anytime day or night 24/7.  Our clients love it because it is so easy to use and it works so effectively.

You can still walk in whenever we are open and we are happy to see you, but it is so much more convenient and time-saving for our clients to come with a firm appointment already made.  Everyone loves it!

So to answer the question of whether there is a barber shop open late at night in Salt Lake City, the answer is Trolley Square Barbers. We are open every day of the week to serve you the best way we know possible. We really love what we do—and it shows!

You will not only be able to come in late at night if you can’t get in earlier, but you will appreciate the skill and training that each barber has achieved.  You can even get your shoes shined like the old-style, traditional barber shops of your father’s and grandfather’s generation.