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August 2018


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How Many Downtown Barber Shops Have FREE Parking?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, barber shop free parking does not exist in downtown Salt Lake City. Everywhere you turn there are meters and more meters clipping you for $2.00-$5.00 just to park downtown.  If you go to a barber shop in downtown Salt Lake City you either have to pay a fortune to park on the street, or you have to pay a fortune to park in a parking garage.  Either way you are getting soaked just to park within their revenue collecting tentacles.

It is not frustrating enough that they charge you as much as they possibly can to park downtown and they keep raising it higher and higher, but those darn parking meters are so complicated that most people have a hard time to learn how to use them.

I used to work where there was a parking meter right outside our barber shop.  I constantly had to go outside to help people figure out how to use those meters.  This was especially true of older citizens who just couldn’t figure them out.  It is the most confusing parking system that I have seen anywhere in the United States.

We had people tell us that they hated to come downtown because of the crazy parking meter situation and all the confusion and costs.  At first I thought they were just kidding. But I came to find out that they were serious.  They avoided coming downtown because they hated the expensive and confusing parking situation.

And then if they should have the bad fortune to run over their expensive time allotment, they would have to pay very expensive and outrageous parking tickets from the city.

In times past the city parking fees used to end at 6:00 pm.  But now they run from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm at night when you have to pay their parking fees and you risk getting those expensive parking tickets.  This is not friendly to people who shop or do business downtown.

Is There 100 % Free Barber Shop Parking Downtown?

free parking (1)Wouldn’t it be nice if there were barber services just a short distance from downtown Salt Lake City where you did not have to go through this parking nightmare?  Wouldn’t it be nice if your barber shop had all the advantages to being just a few minutes from downtown and yet offered 100% Free Parking every time you went to get a haircut, face shave or any other men’s grooming services?


Trolley Square Barber Shop

Well, now the new Trolley Square Barber Shop does have several sources of Free Parking.  Street parking is available.  Covered Underground Parking is available so that your car won’t bake in the hot summer sun, and get covered with a freezing snow in winter.

Click on this link to learn more!

The underground covered parking has two levels of excellent parking. Both levels have an Elevator as well as stairs.  The entrance to Trolley Square Barbers is only 30 seconds from the elevator entrance.  You simply walk from the glass elevator enclosure about 50 steps and enter the West Doors to Trolley Square.  Once you open the doors you will see the red, white and blue barber pole welcoming you to the shop.

It couldn’t be more convenient!  By clicking on the above link, you will see photos showing clearly where the actual Free Parking is located and how easy it is to access.   You can be in-and-out quickly and easily.  It just might be the easiest and quickest covered parking in Salt Lake City…..and it is all FREE!   Click here for Website and Directions.