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August 2018


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Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men

Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men is the theme for Trolley Square Barbers in Salt Lake City, UT.   Every barber in the shop strives for excellence in every service we perform. We have a passion for doing the best possible job on every single customer who trusts us with their grooming needs.

exceptional groomingThe foundation of having Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men is solid and superior education and training. Everyone at Trolley Square Barbers received such training at The Barber School in Salt Lake City.  It is one of the finest schools of it’s kind in the nation.

The principles and concepts of this outstanding school have been taught for almost 70 years by its founder Mr. Tim Hite. He is currently 90 years old and is said to have trained more people in classical barbering skills than any other man alive in the world.

Students come from all over the country and even from several countries throughout the world.  The foundations of excellence are created for all those fortunate enough to learn from a true legend.

Tim S. Hite is a Master Barber with barbering skills that cannot be matched. He has received the highest level of advanced training possible both nationally and internationally in numerous methods in art of cutting hair.

Tim trained with Vidal Sassoon in Europe and Paul Mitchell himself  before Paul Mitchell became famous.  Tim has learned the secrets of Barber principles that have endured for hundreds of years along with the more modern techniques of today.  He is a master of every major cutting method including Pivot Point, Roffler, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon, and many others.

One of the first things that Mr. Hite teaches his students is “The Taper Haircutexceptional grooming is the Gold Standard in the Barbering Industry!”   It is a fundamental principle in exceptional grooming for men. Clipper guards or attachments are not a part of the curriculum.  Women’s salons are just not trained in how to do a real taper haircut.

Barbering is an art form that requires skill and an understanding of the principles behind each cut.  Guards and attachments are meant to compensate for lack of skill.  Every amateur uses guards.  Students at The Barber School are taught professional techniques that do NOT include the use of guards.  It is these skills that allow students to separate themselves from their competition and be in high demand.

exceptional groomingMr. Milt Larsen has been the Head Instructor at The Barber School for the past decade.  Mr. Larsen was trained by Mr. Hite back in 1963 while he was just in high school.  The classical barbering skills he learned have lasted a lifetime.

Mr. Hite and Mr. Larsen have been responsible for the training of the professionals at Trolley Square Barbers.  It is that training which led to the skills and attitudes which provide the Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Man.

So when our theme at Trolley Square Barbers is Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men, we mean that we are committed to exceptional training, exceptional skills, exceptional effort and exceptional experience benefiting every man who walks into our shop. You will receive the finest complete “barber experience” that you have ever encountered previously.  

It gives us great satisfaction to complete a service and have the client with a smile on his face and enthusiasm in his voice about the barber shop experience which he has just received.  Please give us a chance to bring a smile to your face and visit our shop.  We are open every day of the week with long hours for your convenience.