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January 2018


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Trolley Square Grooming Products

Trolley Square Barbers carries a select few men’s Grooming Products which are for sale to our customers. Our criteria for choosing Grooming Products is a combination of uniqueness, quality and favorable pricing. In choosing products we listen carefully to our customers and what they experienced with various grooming products in the past.  We listen to all of our barbers and the experiences they have had using products both on themselves and the grooming products they are familiar with from other shops where they have worked.

Here are some grooming products which we trust:



This is our favorite grooming product at this time.  The Shiner Gold pomades and beard balm have been our most popular items with our customers.  Specifically, the Shiner Gold Clay Pomade is by far the single biggest seller we have.  It is something that everyone should check out the next time you are in the shop.  It is unique in that it is not a greasy or oily pomade, but rather a dry feeling and looking product which remains soft and pliable and yet has great holding power.  The best clay pomade we have ever encountered!

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A hundred year old company which has been around so long because they provide excellent grooming products at excellent prices. That is a formula for great value for our customers.  We carry Clubman products in the area of after shaves, men’s shampoos, mustache waxes, nick safe styptic powders, men’s hairsprays, Clubman talc and other quality items.  Most men recognize the pleasing aroma from their colognes and after shaves and they recognize the familiar packaging.







Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli,  Proraso has been setting trends in the shaving world for three generations.  Proraso has become the pride of Italy. Most of the professionals at Trolley Square Barbers are using Proraso grooming products when using a straight razor.  The pre-shave cream is ideal for preparing the face for what follows.  It makes a big difference in a closer shave with less nicks or cuts.  It prepares the skin and hair to be removed with less blade pressure as well as greater glide.  All the other Proraso grooming products are equally fabulous!






(4) MARKHAM SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER – Markham Products have been focused on healthy hair for 45 years.  Markham products are scientifically formulated to provide you with the most elegant and effective products that you will find on the market today. Special Liposomes are structured to deliver Biotin, Proteins, Nutrients and other essential ingredients to the hair, hair bulb, scalp and skin while nourishing, revitalizing, remoisturizing. reconditioning and rebuilding.  All Markham products are Sulfate Free, pH balanced, Not Tested on Animals and contain Tri-Action Proteins that automatically lock in needed moisture and heal and smooth the cuticle of the hair.