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Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men

Men Don’t Belong in a Beauty Salon or in a 5-Minute Quick-Clip!

Men Belong In A Real Barber Shop!

Trolley Square Barber Shop
Trolley Square Barber Shop
Trolley Square Barber Shop
Trolley Square Barber Shop

Barber Shop in Salt Lake City, UT

Greetings SLC Gentlemen!

Do you remember the old-time barber shop your dad took you to when you were a kid?  By now most of them have vanished.

Many Salt Lake City, UT barber shops disappeared in the 80′s and 90′s, replaced by salons that continued to cater mainly to women.

The pendulum has swung back and barber shops in Salt Lake City, UT are making a comeback.

When it comes to getting a haircut today, there are few options.  You can try the franchise cutters where it seems like most of the cutters are still in training, or maybe your wife will set you up with her hair stylist where you will enjoy the smell of nasty chemicals, while listening in on the latest salon gossip.

We think you deserve better:  a classic barber shop just like the one your dad took you to as a kid — a place where fathers will feel comfortable bringing their sons.

Perhaps it’s the combination of the scent of hair tonics, plus the all-man atmosphere. But more so, it’s the tradition of barber shops as a place of continuity–they don’t change with the shifts in culture.  The shops and barbers look the same as they did when your father and grandfather got their hair cuts.

It’s a straightforward experience with none of the feminization of salons.  There are no waxings, facials, highlights or unpleasant smells of a perm. ‘Just great haircuts, shaves and great conversation!”

When you walk out of Trolley Square Barbers in Salt Lake City, UT with a stylish haircut,  a classic face shave or a deluxe shoe shine, you can’t help but feel a bit of manly swagger creep back into your step.

So the next time you spot our familiar red, white and blue striped pole — please stop in.

You will be glad you did!

Languages:    Spanish  –  Portuguese  –  English

Trolley Square Barbers
Trolley Square Barbers
Trolley Square Barbers

Trolley Square Barbers   602 East 500 South #D-132   Salt Lake City, UT 84102   801-738-1578

       Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men

Open Monday thru Saturday:   9:00am until  9:00pm

Sunday:   12:00pm until  5:00pm  

       Combination Packages

Here is what our Customers are saying…

Rich is the consummate barber. He offers service that has been lost in today’s busy world. No 10 minutes and out with Rich — he gets to know you, the cut you are looking for and offers great advice on how to get there. Rich goes out of his way to give you his all. Great service, great cut, great conversation all at a great price.

Bill G.

Rich is an amazing barber. His customer service is beyond anything I have ever had. Rich has been cutting my hair for about a year now, and I will continue to go to him for as long as I can. Let’s just say, I live in NV and I drive to SLC to get a haircut from Rich. That’s how good he is. He keeps an old school barber shop feeling and technique in a new school world. Rich will meet every specific need that is ask of him.

Chanse Dahl

“I live out of state, and came to Salt Lake on business but in need of a haircut.  Upon recommendation, I went to Rich where I received the absolute best haircut I have ever had.   He is skilled at matching face shape and hair shape.  My hair was the perfect length in all the right places!  When I am back to Salt Lake, I will return to get my hair looking perfect again.”

Carter Knapp

When Rich cut my hair for the first time two years ago, I knew I had found a great barber!  He is a professional in every way and genuinely cares about providing the finest service possible.  He knows what he is doing and he gives great advice.  The warm shaving cream and shave around my ears and neck and the shoulder and neck massage are some of Rich’s standards of service.

Russell Bullock

I really appreciate Dan’s attention to the details. When it comes to a haircut or shave, It’s comforting to know that you are in good hands. Going to a new barber can be a little unnerving, but with Dan, I always know I am going to walk out with a great cut. I have definitely found my favorite barber.

Skye M.

I have been to many different barbers and hair stylists over the years and none of them can trim my hair quite like Dan Petersen. He is detail oriented and ensures that you won’t leave his chair without looking your best. Not only does Dan spend the time needed for a precise haircut, but he spends the time to get to know you as a person; he is not the 10-minute haircut guy.  I would recommend Dan Petersen to anyone.

Nick P.

Before being referred to Chad by my friend, I never knew that a haircut could be such a great overall experience. He was the first person to ever cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. Plus, you’ll never go away with a bad attitude because of how friendly he is. If anybody asks me to refer them to a high quality barber, I’ll always refer them to Chad without hesitation.


Rich is hands down the best barber experience you can get. I wish I could give a six-star rating.

Quality service at its best and will be a customer for life.


Percy S.

Trolley Square Shoe Shines


Nothing quite screams success or makes you feel on top of your game as a freshly shined pair of shoes.

There was a time not so long ago when no self-respecting man would step outside with a scuff on his shoe.

Well, how times have changed…

Except at Trolley Square Men’s Barber Shop.

We uphold the values and grooming standards of America’s greatest generation.

For us, a freshly shined pair of shoes isn’t a special occasion, it’s a way of life and expected of any well-groomed man.     


 SHOESHINES   (Drop-Off)


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